Veterinary Clinic Duinoord

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Populierstraat 51, 2565 MH Den Haag, Netherlands

Floor Zeegers


This photograph shows me with three of my dogs. Bram (on the left), has been with me since the beginning of my career as a veterinarian (2004). Since then, the pack has been extended with two other German Longhairs, two Labradors and my cat Kate. 
All my dogs accompany me to work!

I treat dogs, cats, small animals and birds with a lot of joy. I enjoy doing surgeries in the morning, as well as consultations in the afternoon. Patient and client contact are both very enjoyable for me.

I hope to see you soon!

Evelien Huisman


My name is Evelien Huismuin and I started working as a veterinarian since 2013. I have worked in Gouda for three years. The big city never left my heart and mind, so I decided to move back to The Hague with my dog Teun (on the photograph) and my cat Tess. Since August 2017, you can find me at Veterinary Clinic Duinoord, where I'll be of service to you and your pet!

Yvette Dalm


Hallo everyone, I am Yvette and work at Veterinary Clinic Duinoord since 2019. After my studies at Ghent University, I moved back to The Hague with my fiance, 2 Labradors and my cat. I am really into orthopedics and sports medicine, but also really enjoy doing both surgery and consultaties. 

You can find me here on wednesdays and fridays!

Amanda Neyndorff

Veterinary nurse / Dog hairdresser

My entire life, I've wanted to work with animals. After high school, I immediately started my studies to become a veterinary nurse. 

I completed my studies in 2012 and started at Veterinary Clinic Duinoord. Since 2015 I started my own dog and cat hairdresser bussiness: Amanda's Trimsalon, also located in the clinic facility.  I now work 3 days as a veterinary nurse and two days as a hairdresser, taking care of all cats and dogs, breeds and breedless pets. You can find me on Facebook, or call me to book an appointment: 06-53927443.

Since two years I have my first dog, a cocker spaniel named Toby. He is a joy to have around!

Jill Gieben

Veterinary nurse

My name is Jill and I graduaten as a veterinary nurse in 2017. Since may 2019 I work at Veterinary Clinic Duinoord. It is a busy clinic with a great atmosphere that I enjoy a lot. 

Besides my work as a veterinary nurse, I work at a restaurant on the beach in Kijkduin.


My home is as filled with animals as the clinic is. This photoprgaph shows me with mt two dogs: Finn and Guus. I also have two rabbits and two budgerigars at home.