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An X-ray can give a lot of information in case of orthopedic, pulmonary, cardiac of abdominal problems. Taking an x-ray can require sedation. 


After the x-rays have been made, the veterinarian will discuss the findings with you.


Because x-rays involve radiation, it is not possible to stay with your pet during the procedure.

Veterinary Clinic Duinoord is also certified for making official hip, elbow and knee radiographs for the diagnosis and staging of HD, ED and PL via the Raad van Beheer. 


Veterinary Clinic Duinoord offers multiple in-house diagnostic possibilities. Through blood analysis quick evaluation of kidney, liver and thyroid function can be done. For more elaboratie diagnostics we can send blood to external laboratories.


We are also equipped for microscopic evaluation of urinary and faecal samples.

Blood pressure

Measuring the blood pressure is mostly done in cats as diagnostic procedure or follow up. High blood pressure (hypertension) van be caused by several problems, such as hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney disease or diabetes.  

As hypertension can lead to organ damage, proper diagnosis, treatment and follow up is necessary to ensure maximum wellbeing for your pet.



Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that provides images of the shape, size and tissue architecture of different organen. Ultrasound can be advised when dealing with abdominal, cardiac or reproductie problems. 

The ultrasounds at Veterinary Clinic Duinoord are performer by our veterinarian Evelien.